E.I. Coaching Subscription

This fee-based subscription group is a Community of Practice (CoP) to support professionals working in early intervention. This CoP prioritizes routines-based intervention and caregiver coaching in order to support the social-emotional well-being of children and families. Our CoP supports home-visitors with both in-person and mobile coaching practices. Stacey Landberg owns and manages this subscription group. Read on to see what your subscription includes.

Testimonial: “Stacey began working with our group practice in early 2019.  She provided our team an in-person training on Routines Based Intervention (RBI) and helped us implement RBI into teletherapy.  From the very beginning, Stacey was extremely knowledgeable in Routines Based Intervention and created an atmosphere that encouraged open dialog and questions in order to best understand this family-centered approach.  Stacey’s training was custom fit to our teams’ needs and she took the time to hear potential challenges and concerns and help us brainstorm creative solutions.  We love working with Stacey as she is a pioneer in her field and truly is passionate about helping others succeed in this area of intervention!”   – Ryan Landinguin SLP

  • PLEASE READ EACH BULLET CAREFULLY (fees are listed below)

  • Each subscription is valid for 6 months.

  • Subscriptions are not automatically renewed.

  • Do not complete this form until you are ready to submit payment.

  • You will be re-directed to pay via PayPal. You can also “guest” check-out with debit/credit.

  • If you prefer to pay via Venmo, complete this form first, hit “submit” (below) and then send your total payment via Venmo to @SL-SLP

    • Please put “coaching group” as the description in your venmo payment. 

      You can return to this page after you submit your form to find this Venmo information again. 

    • PLEASE DO NOT use the “PAYPAL-AS-VENMO” option, unless you know for certain that your PayPal and Venmo accounts are LINKED together. Thanks!  

Subscription FEES (6 months):

$45 – Students 

$50 – Members of the Infant Development Association of CA (IDA) 

$65 – Regular Membership

$50 per person for Groups of 5 or more