Speaking Engagements -Booking

I’m currently booked for presentations through April 2018. Please email me directly to schedule talks after April 2018. Current topics include:

  1. Early Intervention Best Practices
  2. Coaching and Routines-Based Intervention
  3. Autism and Early Intervention
  4. Screen-Time and Supporting Caregivers of Generation Alphas
  • “One of the BEST presentations I have ever attended”
  • “Stacey had outstanding knowledge in all areas she spoke about. She kept everyone engaged and was not boring at all”
  • “Dynamic presentation with personal stories, video clips, research, and handouts”
  • “Meaningful research findings presented on screen-time, most importantly resources to give caregivers on developmentally appropriate practices. I loved the handout chalked full of valuable information.
  • This presentation is the BEST training I have ever had on screen-time. It goes well beyond the NO SCREEN-TIME recommendations that frequently are not practiced by most families I serve.”
  • “In a day in age where technology is taking over, it is refreshing to hear someone so passionate about the subject and who feels empowered to learn more about how to use media in a more positive and interactive way.” 
  • “Terrific work about technology and practical application for mindful usage.”