Information for Colleagues

Hi fellow SLPs and Early Interventionists! Colleagues repeatedly ask me forPaper Dolls Paper Background Teamwork Doll Girls my very favorite professional, early intervention resources. I’ve compiled a (growing) list to share with others Here

Please let me know if any links are broken or if you think there’s a wonderful resource that I haven’t listed.

My favorite resources will support Part C of IDEA, the Division of Early Childhood’s recommended practice patterns, and the Key Principles for working with families in early intervention.

hands-together-871294932977ugoI like this quote because it summarizes the challenge many therapists face when entering the field of early intervention: “Many professionals choose this setting because they want to work with young children…the reality is they will work with adults just as much, if not more so, than the infants and toddlers, and will need those skill sets as well.”  This quote (referenced from HERE) also highlights the role that experienced colleagues can play in educating and supporting our colleagues. To this point, I currently provide group workshops for clinicians who are seeking guidance and mentorship on routines-based intervention, parent-coaching, authentic assessment, and best practice in early intervention (please contact me to book at least 6 months in advance).

Additionally, here is a FREE 90 minute WEBINAR I completed on routines-based intervention and coaching. This webinar was sponsored by the Infant Development Association of CA and the CA Physical Therapy Association in July 2017. You can access the handouts and references HERE for $1.00.