2018 Updates

I’ve been busy keeping busy! 2018 marked a year of many transitions and new chapters work wise. Here are a few highlights and new resources that I have to share:

  1. I was interviewed for my first podcast related to screen time by Talking with Tech. This was a really fun opportunity to collaborate with other speech therapists who are doing amazing things for our field. That podcast can be accessed HERE and on iTunes or in Google Play stores. My interview starts at approximately 20 minutes in.
  2. I completed another screen-time webinar, this time for early education specialists through http://www.continued.com. That webinar can be accessed for a price HERE.
  3. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed another part-time job where I review professional development courses from Sensational Brain. Sensational Brain is a new ASHA CEU provider and they have many current and informative webinars to choose from HERE.
  4. In Feb. 2018 I had my last tour with Summit Education in the Denver, CO area. Summit afforded me a wonderful opportunity to provide professional development courses to clinicians around the U.S. on early intervention and screen time. After about a 18 months presenting with Summit, I was able to go out on my own, providing presentations across CA for various agencies, regional centers, and county programs.
  5. In April 2018 I was accepted to a fellowship program that will run from Sept. 2018 to May 2019. This is an interdisciplinary training program between USC and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
  6. The Infant Development Association of CA invited me back to do presentations for both their northern and southern CA conferences on several topics (parent coaching, autism, screen time).

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